Second Camp Possible Community Organization. Your daily good stuff – AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox. One son used to roam the streets aimlessly, then smoke with friends at the void deck when he returned. Such tough love is fraught with the risk of failure and, indeed, some families rebuff the Pave social workers and say they would rather approach other agencies where it might be easier to get aid. Four months short of his 21st birthday, Gary Tay is still too young to vote. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. Skip to main content.

The Pave social worker persisted in calling once a month, just to stay in touch. Last year, the two older brothers and their girlfriends were arrested for having drugs in the flat. It is led by Pave with support from more than 10 community groups and state agencies. Malay self- help group Mendaki holds parenting workshops and the Children’s Society counsels children with anger-management issues. Many were grappling with uncertainty,” he says.

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We hope everyone had an enjoyable volunteering experience with us! Social worker Nazeema Bassir Marican says she caef by asking families about their hopes and dreams. The year-old, who is waiting to enter university, added: Leave this field blank. Mr Tay’s wife, Christy Asiddao, a Filipina who grew up in Singapore, was just 17 when she gave birth. The project was started last year by the South East Community Development Council to better coordinate social help to residents of rental flats at Block 46 and Block 50 in Bedok South.

Therefore HWC will no longer operate from onwards.

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Also Minister of State for National Development, in he worked on the HDB team that conceived the IRH scheme to deal with some of the most down-and-out cases seeking help with housing. But a project that provides support to needy families living in interim rental flats is now helping keep Madam Ririn Sri Rudiarti’s sons better occupied at a “homework cafe”. Most have since moved out to more permanent rental caf, with a small but significant one in three families achieving what they never thought possible – being home owners again.


Unlike regular HDB rental flats whose occupants can stay indefinitely, the IRH scheme is meant to be temporary accommodation while families sort out the complex challenges they face and move on to more permanent homes, hopefully within a year.

Reluctant to be homewlrk up in a four-room rental flat shared with two other families, her sons used to avoid going home to study and fared badly in school.

Finding the way home

He was speaking at the district’s annual meeting, which was attended by over partners and volunteers. He started by getting social workers in three Family Service Centres to help these families but soon realised that due to the nature of the cases, proximity of social services to the families was critical. Skip to main content. Arrangements have also been made to help meet the housing, healthcare, employment and childcare needs of residents. Over the past three years, a community project at two IRH blocks in Siglap has given families new hope.

For every family that successfully relocates to their own home, there are others that move to a rental flat or stay on at the IRH. Such tough love is fraught with the risk of failure and, indeed, some families rebuff the Pave social workers and say they would rather approach other agencies where it might be easier to get aid.

Many were grappling with uncertainty,” he says. Sorry if I have missed any one else out, but I am deeply appreciative of all your support! He convinced the Ministry of Social and Family Development to fund a dedicated social service agency to work onsite with the families.


AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd. Some 70 per cent of the volunteers at the Homework Cafe live in private estates, and this was an instance of “the haves helping the have-nots”, he said. Study Pals Siglap Community Organization. If you are keen in similar projects, please proceed to Study Pals Siglap. While families seeking emergency help are not turned away, they have to do their part for the collaboration to work long term.

Pave estimates it takes an average of nine months to help a family take the necessary steps to self-reliance.

Get help with homework at this ‘cafe’

He got to know about Project when he called the CDC to ask about volunteer projects that “mitigate income inequality”.

Siglap Homework Cafe updated their cover photo. Mr Tay, who dropped out of school after his N levels, works full time as fafe photographer on Sentosa to support his young family.

siglap cc homework cafe

An HDB spokesman said: By signing up, you agree to our Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions. Till we meet again in future, stay young at heart! Personal Data Protection Statement. Like them, the other residents of the subsidised rental flats do not have homes of their own and have nowhere else to live.