Possible careers for graduates exist in fields such as writing, education, medicine, foreign diplomacy, research, and more. A candidate seeking admission for the 2 year Master of Fine Arts Degree Programme shall fulfill the following condition. Programme in another discipline offered by the University. The development of the language through the phases of history and time period is broadly covered. The 2- year program aims to familiarize students with intricate literature in the language and its diverse applications.

MA in Sociology helps a student understand the nuances of the human society. MA in Music course provides an overview of the history and the origins of different kinds of the music as we practice it today. Today, one of the biggest challenges women in Muthalamada face is having to operate in a social environment in which they have unequal access to the very geographical spaces that are vital to the accomplishment of many of their daily tasks. Msc in Psychology Earning a Master of Science in Psychology can open doors to a number of exciting career paths as it provides a comprehensive background in psychological theories and their applications. That is to say, one function of the landscape is to display the normative order of the world. In with assistance from the Chalachitra Academy, Department made a series of documentaries on koodiyattom. Eligibility Criteria A candidate seeking admission for the 2 year Master of Fine Arts Degree Programme shall fulfill the following condition.

A major concern of political ecology is the identification and recognition of plurality of perceptions and meanings. A in Urdu M.

The notion of produced nature refers to new spaces as the product of the labour process and labour itself that capitalism relies on for the circulation and reproduction of capital. Developing the skills and attitudes required to address health thikning and perform professional advocacy roles.

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It has flexible theatres that can accommodate arena, thrust, and pros-centum stages. Running alongside these differential shifts in the organization of farm production is the growing consumption of rural space by middle-class capitalist growers who alter the cultural politics of rural identity and reinforce commodification of the rural landscapes Mormont ; Lowe et al. Should have passed Bachelor of Physical Education B.


It has full strength every year.

വിമര്‍ശനാത്മക പഠനസംഘം | critical thinking initiative: March

You will be taught the basic life support, core clinical, and communication skills, including clinical history and examination, that are required in modern clinical practice and that are based on patient-centred communication.

You will rotate through a series of hospital and community placements in three clinical pathways which provide extensive experience of a wide range of clinical settings. In Muthalamada from early s, as a response to the neoliberal agricultural policies and with the repeated market failures of traditional agricultural products including rice and coconut, a slow and steady change of cropping pattern and tenure relations have taken place.

Many distinguishes scholars from various institutions participated in the workshop.

Each clinical pathway week is set in different clinical specialties and centres on important clinical presentations. The curriculum consists of theory classes, field work, ssu training, seminars, rural camps, study tours, dissertation etc. The penetration of capital, technology and market has led to the displacement of local population in Muthalamada. MA Sociology is offered at university level and is a course which provides opportunity to learn about human society, social customs and different social systems on a deeper level.

Apart from the scientific basis, Advaita has a universal appeal in as much as it upholds the identity of the souls of all beings whereby the equality of all is established. Environment and Sustainability Institute People Module. Individuals with a Master of Social Work MSW degree are prepared for employment as social workers; they may work in healthcare, mental health, law or related fields.

ssus critical thinking

The capitalist growers invested more money for deeper and deeper wells at the livelihood costs of marginal farmers and landless labourers. Journal of Rural Studies 9: The men and women were associated with groundnut, rice and sugarcane in upland and lowland fields in the main cropping season and criticsl the following season women had the major role in the production and post production of millets, pulses and vegetables.

Clinical Pathways 2

Centre of Vedic Studies is trying to popularize the Vedic knowledge by different method like seminars, memorial talks and extension lectures. Your Medical Knowledge will develop through your interactions with patients and with a wide range of NHS staff, and through taught sessions e.


Political ecologists have focused largely on the uneven distribution of access to and control over resources on the basis of class and ethnicity. This is true throughout rural India, where space as a geographical reality has had different meanings for women as a result of their differential access to and uses of it.

Phil in History and Archaeology. This module focusses on three integrated areas of study that will allow you to acquire and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are expected of a first year medical student, and that underpin modern clinical and academic practice.

BMBS Medicine Year 1

This leads to farm business diversification and an ever-widening range of income sources for members of the farming household. You will be encouraged to identify important questions about medical practice and study in-depth an area of interest to you that is relevant to the areas of biomedical sciences and healthcare, as these relate to modern clinical practice. In Kerala, the most enthusiastic social reformer Sree Narayana Guru got inspiration from Advaita philosophy, which he interpreted to suit the modern times.

Its roots are found even in the initial portions of the Vedic literature, namely, the Rig Veda Samhita.

ssus critical thinking

Mango orchards were the second initiative of the s to the rural landscapes of Muthalamada. The course covers areas regarding Urdu literature, such as its society, poetry, prose, drama, novels, grammar, and such intricacies.

It also functions as naturalas that which is and hence, to some large degree, that which can be.