My requirements were the following: When you cross reference caption it inserts whole code as well how to solve this problem? My Approach is as listed below: Sign up using Email and Password. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Use invisible borders ” No Borders ” option , and activate ” View Gridlines ” option. Sign up using Email and Password. Write or copy into the document, then use a fixed type font, arrange formatting and hope that Word didn’t uppercase stuff for you. If you want a simplistic approach, consider using a monospaced font. You only need to define this style once and then reuse it.

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Why are you using Word for writing your thesis? A couple of points. You can now make cross references, create a table of figures. Nader Belal Nader Belal 67 7. It kind of depends on the IDE.

thesis formatieren word

USer USer 1, 3 24 Academia Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. I have a couple of code snippets, included in thesiis thesis. You could also put this into a macro and add it to your easy access bar.

It’s possible that there are other editors which also have this useful feature, but I’m not aware of them.


Some of the examples will be written from the IDE, and others would be written in place. Steps to achieve syntax highlighting are listed below: Click “Show Highlighted” button. Go to Review tab. Use an automated tool.

Code snippet shall have a nice border. Open the website provided above in chrome and Copy the code snippet in the text area. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

thesis formatieren word

I am pretty sure the line spacing does not apply to embedded code in this thesiis, the code can be similar to a figure, where you usually would not use double spacing as well. Write or copy into the document, then use a fixed type font, arrange formatting and hope formatierne Word didn’t uppercase stuff for you.

Markdown in combination with pandoc can also be a feasible alternative to LaTeXif your thesis is light on mathematics and your formatting needs are relatively modest. Insert a table with single column. I am pretty sure there are some decent methods out there.

How to format code in a thesis (Word document)? – Academia Stack Exchange

Quite a shame nothing like that seems to exist. If you want to keep formatiereb line numbers, go to next step. Insert a 3×3 table, in my case I always make the total width of the table equals the free page’s width 3 rows minimum to test the tables style. You paste in your source code and apply the “Code” style to it.


thesis formatieren word

Then, I copy and paste in an embedded object word document in Word editor. Code snippet shall have spell-check disabled.

Hopefully, the answer would be useful to someone. Note how nicely it formafieren across the page – NO extra effort needed to manage this, which you would face if inserting “OpenDocument Text” object or if using “Simple TextBox”.

Link does not work. Aleksandr Blekh Aleksandr Blekh However, I ended up using an entirely different approach which suited my needs. However, if I change my font size, I’m screwed.

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