Chaired Technical Session A2: Recent Developments in biodegradation of industrial pollutants by white rot fungi and their enzyme system: Affidavit for Students Eligible for Laptop. Rural Sociology, Gender and Education Department: Enhanced production of glucose oxidase using Penicillium notatum and rice polish. Development of prebiotic nectars and juices as potential substrates for L. HEC, Alteration of starch levels in floral nectarines to achieve high level of pollination in a model system.

In waste bread medium. Chemistry of Caffeine and its positive and negative effects on human health Raheela Naheed. The Directorate of Advanced Studies has been established to stream line the functioning of different programmes that have been either already launched at all academic disciplines or to be launched in near future. Biology in Asia International Conference Singapore. Khurshid Bibi Scholarship PhD Area of Interest: Optimization studies on glucoamylase production from banana stalks.

Interview Schedule of Hakim Bibi Scholarship Muhammad Javaid Asad Associate Professor.

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Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, Canada. At a number of institutions, Fhesis attained excellent professional knowledge, performance and cutting-edge experience in various capacities starting from study work as an under-graduate medical student to post-PhD work as Assistant Professor of Pathology.


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Workshop nominees Read More. UV irradiation mutagenesis of lucidum for hyperproduction of ligninolytic enzymes Atika Siddique. Government of the Punjab, Agriculture Department Notification. Water Science and Technology, 74 8: SargodhaHaroonabad Distt.

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Muhammad Razzaq Athar Associate Professor. Due Date Read More.

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan -> Quality Enhancement Cell

Biodegradation SpringerMS Ref.: Kinetics of improved invertase production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Chronic Hepatitis C; Effect of Ribavirin therapy on liver functions.

Bioremediation of coloured dye based textile effluents by Pleurotus ostreatus IBL Due Date Read More. Sadiq Foundation Eqc Session D Research Fellowship Read More. Production of glucoamylase by Bacillus subtilis using banana peel as inducer substrate. Optimization of lignolytic enzymes synthesis by an indigenous strain of Schizophyllum commune in liquid state thedis.

Tariq Mushtaq merit Scholarship Read More.

uaf qec thesis

Studies on the prevalence of hepatitis-c virus in healthy blood donor from Faisalabad region. Management of dairy and meat animals Department: Farhana Riaz Chaudhry Assistant Professor. Production of lactic acid from corn cobs through fermentation by Lactobacillus delbruekii.


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Molecular and Cellular Proteomics2 9: Alumni Scholarship Session Cost-effective lignocellulose-degrading enzyme production by Pleurotus sapidus WC and their role in lignin degradation. Convener Assessment Committee for assessment of 26 unserviceable stores items of the office of Dean Sciences on Member of Committee to Diversify the Internship Program during the whole period of Degree vide Notification Endst. Biochemical Engineering Journal Kinetic and thermal characterization of peroxidase from peels of Citrus thesks var.

Agriculture Graduate Read More. Department of Poultry Science. Isolation, identification and application in lignin degradation of an ascomycete GHJ Abdul Hafeez Scholarship Read More.