By Mark B Ulla. Student achievement levels, student enjoyment and creativity will all suffer from a lack of interest and desire. Upon consideration of suggestions and recommendations given on validation of the instrument, misleading questions will be modified as well. Check conditions of tools and equipment On the other hand, teaching may be regarded as providing opportunities for students to learn. While some students possess these qualities, others do not. To be used to determine the mean assessment of the respondents on the common Pinoy Games utilized in teaching Distance Formula among Grade 10 learners at Talipapa High School.

Perform basic preventive maintenance 6. It is also refer to talent and expertise which the person possesses to perform a certain job or skill. Another development is the language skills wherein the social aspect of childhood is develop as child play and interacts with other. Classrooms are composed of both engaged and disaffected students. Differentiated teaching provides appropriate challenge for all students in a class. In the context of play, it shows that the inquisitive mind of a child can enhance to grow. It is vital to their intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.

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These changes in behaviors may not last long. The experimental group receives the treatment under investigation while the control group receives a different treatment or the usual method it was using before.

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Rather than focussing on whether play causes developmental changes or whether developmental advances cause changes in play, increasingly these two understandings of play are merged to explore how developmental changes and play development interact to enhance both Garner and Bergen, Maintain occupational health and safety awareness Drafting 5 4 3 2 1 1. It is most effective when exposures are used deliberately to assist learners to master new knowledge and skills, and when the exposures are spaced caloofan time.


The last strategy is Differentiated teaching, Effective teachers use evidence of student learning readiness, learning progress, and knowledge of individual student learning profiles, to make adjustments for individuals so all students experience challenge, success and improved learning.

On the other hand, teaching may be regarded as providing opportunities for students to learn. According to Good and Hatequestionnaire is the device used for securing answers to questions that ideally contributes the given problem.

university of caloocan city thesis

Kindly assess the following technical skills based on your own perception of your abilities by checking opposite each item in the corresponding column using the scale below. Profile of the students, in terms of age, gender, occupation of parents and their educational attainment are variables that contribute to the performance of the students.

Students with various intellectual abilities, from multicultural and diverse socio-economic backgrounds are the object of this educational process. Teachers also commented on the poor resources and the absence of basic play equipment in their classrooms. This helps the teacher to plan learning activities, and helps students understand what is required.


It touches the holistic development of a child. On June 22,the College was authorized to open the second year of the general education course and the one-year secretarial on a P35, city budget. According to Gayexperimental design is the only method of research that can truly test hypothesis concerning cause and effect relationships.

On the other hand, Jean Piageta Swiss Psychologist, Biologist, and developmental theorist, looks upon play as a means by which the child can transform reality by assimilation to the needs of the self. Second, increase student participation in learning and school decisions by providing opportunities to develop responsibility, independence and leadership skills. Rating Scale Range Verbal Interpretation 5 4.


This literature review will show the importance of student motivation in a successful educational environment. By maria bernadette babaran. Clean and store measuring instruments 5.

university of caloocan city thesis

Findings also indicated a low level of child-child or adult-child interactions with children mainly observed working silently. Select measuring tools and equipment. Does this puzzle piece fit here?

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He defines four categories of Play as: Developmental psychologists have described an identifiable sequence of play types from birth onwards, through which children learn by acquiring information and building competence. The researchers will have to ask permission first on their department head to conduct a study on the BSE TLE students. The change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause. For this, Municipal Ordinance No.

The teacher-respondents in the dry-run of the questionnaire will not be included as participants of the study.

Academic performance serves as standard in order to determine the result cit student achievement. Another development is the language skills wherein the social aspect of childhood is develop as child play and interacts univerity other. These findings were substantiated and reinforced by more recent research Richardson and Suinn, ; Tobias and Weissbroad, ; Wingfield and Meece, ; Ashcraft and Kirk,indicating that there is a negative correlation between math achievement and math anxiety.

Theoretical Paradigm Figure 2: Hattie measures the general effect size of questioning as 0.