Because of possible disparity in goals between the actors, it is also important to assess thrassroots reconciliation movements that emerged in Indigenous communities. Theorizing the incommensurability of transitional justice and decolonization in Canada. The program contributes to the Foundation’s overall mission to support basic research in anthropology and to ensure that the discipline continues to be a source of vibrant and significant work that furthers our understanding of humanity’s cultural and biological origins, development, and variation. An identifiable, recurring pattern may be that if there is a relationship between current human rights issues and Indigenous perceptions of TJ effectiveness, then facilitators are either unaware of these concerns or have reason to disregard them. Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. The format for the financial accounting should be similar to that used in the approved budget request, itemizing actual expenditures and showing how figures were calculated. While my initial focus was on Residential School survivors, I quickly realized that because of the intergenerational dimensions of Indian Residential School forced assimilation, sexual abuse, and physical abuse, all members of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities were affected to some degree by the Residential School Era.

What is your training; how are you prepared to do this research? Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Goals of transitional justice typically include establishing an accurate historical record truth , facilitating psycho-social healing for survivors, deterring future crimes, establishing democracy, and reintegrating perpetrators and survivors into society reconciliation Anderlini et al. These broad theoretical issues are addressed through the specific research question that asks if a TJ framework and its specific mechanisms are perceived to be effective by participants and those facilitating in its execution. This research proposes to unpack and problematize the use of transitional justice in Canada and thus contribute to broader theoretical debates that 1 question the meaning and universality of justice and reconciliation, 2 scrutinize how law and justice relate to each other, and 3 seek to understand how top-down government-driven justice- seeking measures differ from bottom-up grassroots-driven justice-seeking measures. Is my Grant or Fellowship taxable?

For example, reintegration of perpetrators into society proves problematic in post- tribunal Rwanda Burnet ; victim identification and repatriation is heavily intertwined with post-war Bosnian politics Wagner In the Canadian context – the focus of this dissertatuon – TJ mechanisms have recently been deployed at a national level to address the government and church-administered Indian Residential Schools IRSwhich from to engaged in forced assimilation, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and psychological abuse of Indigenous children Chrisjohn and YoungHenderson and WakehamJamesJungRyhms The goal of the Osmundsen Initiative is to provide additional financial support for fiieldwork that demonstrate how the unique qualities of anthropology can make a significant contribution to the modern world.


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For example, the majority of non-Indigenous Canadians whom I encountered self-admittedly knew very little about Indigenous history, culture, and the settling of Canada, all of which are major factors in Indigenous and Non- Indigenous relations as well as socio-political issues in Indigenous communities.

I will use both inductive coding to identify unexpected themes, or patterns, and deductive coding to either support or reject my expected findings. That is, what will the focus of your investigation be?

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No If so, please list below. General information about the applicant, supervisor and project Project Description Questions Resubmission Statement Budget Guidelines Bibliography Curriculum Vitae for the applicant and supervisor.

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Please read it carefully. This research contributes to anthropological discussions that debate theories of the universalism of human rights and responses to its violation, such as TJcross-cultural understandings of justice and reconciliation, the origin and nature of law, and power dissertztion governance Clarke and GoodaleCowen et al.

wenner gren dissertation fieldwork grant

Read more about Dsisertation have started my research, but still need funding for a final phase. Curriculum Vitae for the applicant and supervisor. This information allows us to evaluate whether your project is feasible and whether you are prepared to begin conducting research.

Third, I will determine patterns in the perceptions of reconciliation in effectiveness. Masters Year Degree Awarded: Dissertatoin such contexts the dominant groups and perpetrators of rights violations have retained socio-political power and the ability to protect material interests i. The proposed research must be viable as a discrete project.


wenner gren dissertation fieldwork grant

Not Applicable Not Applicable A resubmission statement if the current application is a resubmission of a previously declined application. Department of Treasury dissertafion at: For example, given the importance of grave excavation to Indigenous communities, forensic anthropologists especially could move beyond identifying culturally specific mortuary practices and use their anthropological skills to wenjer if the interests of the oppressed are grxnt served, if cultural needs are being met in the reconciliation process, and if further rights-related grievances are being propagated.

First, I will identify the goals of participants Indigenous and non-Indigenous and facilitators TRC staff, lawyers, anthropologists in the TJ process to determine how each perceive reconciliation and justice. Main navigation About Programs Grantees History. List examples of your language competence, technical skills, previous research, and any other relevant experience.

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OFAC requires special documentation for research projects located in the following countries: Breadcrumb Programs Dissertation Fieldwork Grants. A resubmission statement if the current application is a resubmission of a previously declined application.

Funding can not be requested for research already begun. Additionally, I grew up in the Mingo community of northwest Ohio, and while Woodland Native traditions vary from Northwest Coast traditions, my Native background has aided me in building relationships and interacting appropriately in British Columbia’s Indigenous community.

Because of the ambiguous nature of the deaths and notifications, investigation into the missing children is of critical importance.

Once your eligibility is verified, the system will assign you four tasks: Skip to main content. Does the Dissertation Fieldwork grant support writing or tuition? Other Funding Sources Additional cieldwork of funding for anthropological research.