You need to produce detailed hand designs for each page in your leaflet. Ethos and House Style [2 Marks]. State the purpose of your automated document and annotate the scanned image to identify any data that has been or could have been merged into the document e. Compression and Storage Techniques [4 Marks] To get these marks, you should do the following: Click here for more information.

To get these marks you must collect at least 3 different documents used by the organisation don’t forget to include the documents in your project folder and analyse them to determine the ethos and house style. Click here for more information:. Ethos and House Style [2 Marks]. Health and Social Care. Data Processing Activities Within the Organisation. Include printscreen evidence to show how you have ‘captured’ sound. N ot waste time providing evidence which is not required.

You must include all the basic features and advanced features outlined below:.

wjec it4 coursework examples

Some features also need printscreen evidence. You are currently using guest access Login. Example 1 Example 2 Basic Features – You should include all the following.

Not provide screenshots which are so small they are not readable. A brand often includes a logo, fonts, colour schemes, symbols and sound which may be developed kt4 represent implicit values, ideas and even personality. Exampkes and addresses, loyalty points, account balance, etc. Upload Evidence of your Animations here Assignment.


Background Style – Whec must be an original design and not simply one of the predefined layouts which are part of the software. Use the Word Template to write a 2nd letter for a different purpose and run the mail merge again.

If you do not comply with this requirement you will lose the 6 marks for purpose and design Example Upload evidence of word count Assignment. Skip to main content. The coursework involves planning, designing, producing and evaluating 3 tasks.

Click here for further information. Create a Powerpoint presentation or a website with at least 6 slides pages. Unit IT2 is a coursework task based on ajec Information’. Click here for more information: Click here to upload your scanned documents Assignment Explain the ethos the organisation is trying to convey e.

wjec it4 coursework examples

Objects that can be compressed include: Click here for a video on how to create a shortcut button in Word Detailed Design of Document [4 Marks]. Now create your leaflet based on the designs you have drawn. Advanced Features – You should aim to include at least 5 of the following. Print out the new mail merge template and the final 6 letters. Health and Social Care.


ICT prom coursework outline/guide

When writing up IT2 coursework, c andidates should: You must include at least words in your document and you must show evidence of a word count – copy and paste the text into word. You must include all the basic features and at least 5 of the advanced features outlined below: Explanation of any pre-processing of images or text.

Click here for more information. Cooursework the purpose of your automated document and annotate the scanned image to identify any data that has been or could have been merged ejec the document e.

Coursework – WJEC – A2 ICT

Explanation of any features used including page size, orientation, margin sizes, font styles, font sizes and paragraph styles. Describe what is meant by compression and why is it useful.

You need to provide printscreen evidence. Each feature may be awarded one mark – up to a maximum of 5 marks.